Make Oklahoma Elections Secure

In the United States, voting is the most basic and universal way the People make their will known in the exercise of their right to self-government.

We are demanding a full forensic audit of Oklahoma’s 2020 Presidential Election, based on the collective concerns of citizens across the state. Some have witnessed questionable actions before, during and after the November 3rd election. There appear to be many problems with our absentee voting process. The votes are counted in secluded environments where few, if any observers are present. The election results themselves appear to be more or less simulated, rather than the product of individual, legal, voting citizens casting their votes, and having them counted exactly.

Sign our petition today and demand this audit from your state representatives. We would like to present this to the legislature when any bills or resolutions are considered in support of an audit:

WHEREAS the People of Oklahoma are endowed with the right to elect representatives from amongst themselves in fair and open elections, as described and defined in the United States Constitution, Article II, Section 1 and Amendment XII, and as the responsibilities of federal and state government, and the methods for carrying them out, are further described in the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma,
WHEREAS to secure this right, all records pertaining to such elections must be available to the public for examination,
WHEREAS the process for conducting elections must also be fair and open, and subject to review,
WHEREAS unprecedented anomalies are reported by individual Oklahomans regarding the 2020 US Presidential Election, which when reviewed by numerical or statistical analysis, show signs of manipulation, tampering, or fabrication,
WHEREAS similar discrepancies have been documented in numerous states, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, and others,
WHEREAS the integrity of this Republic rests on universal confidence in its institutions, not least of which is the convention of representative government,
We the undersigned demand a full and complete audit of the November 3, 2020 election in Oklahoma, including physical and cyber forensic access to all pertinent records. It should be conducted thoroughly, with attention not on achieving any preset outcome, but rather to ensure each vote was counted as cast, and that all offices are held by the rightful winners of each election throughout the state. Any cost associated with this audit pales in comparison to the price of losing the right to freely elect our representatives.

2020 Oklahoama Election Audit

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