Oklahoma Liberty & Integrity group is tracking legislation related to election integrity introduced to the 2022 Oklahoma legislative session.

We are currently keeping track of the following bills and resolutions.

In the Senate:

  • SB 1820 – Requires notaries to submit a copy of their receipt book – Introduced by Nathan Dahm.
  • SB 1805 – Perforated, numbered ballots viewable online by voter – Introduced by Nathan Dahm.
  • SB 1690 – Audit of the largest three, smallest three, and three random counties – Introduced by Nathan Dahm.
  • SB 1748 – Requires absentee vote requests to include a reason – Introduced by Nathan Dahm.
  • SB 1570 – Changes to absentee voting requirements and procedures – Introduced by Warren Hamilton.
  • SJR 47 – Constitutional amendment requiring post-election audits – Introduced by Warren Hamilton.

In the House:

  • HB 3677 – Creates a new voter roll, re-registering Oklahomans to vote, and other voter registration requirements – Introduced by Sean Roberts – NOTE: This bill’s language has been amended, REMOVING the reregistration portion, and significantly weakening its effect.
  • HB 3046 – Requires elections to be paid for with public funds only. Creates the Prohibit the Private Funding of Elections Act.
  • HB 2974 – Annual reports on addresses with 10 or more voter registrations to local District Attorneys (DA’s) for investigation and possible criminal referral.

Download a text of the above listed bills as introduced. Amendments could change the language of the legislation. (This file will be updated and does not contain all bills being tracked yet.)

Use either of these links to look up these bills and see their current form and status on the Oklahoma government websites: in the Senate, in the House.