Mission to Restore Liberty and Integrity

Welcome to Oklahoma Liberty & Integrity Group, established in 2022 to educate the public on pressing matters that affect our liberty. We are fighting to ensure public officials of all parties or non-parties are held accountable to the people they represent.

In order to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” we must know where our rights come from. This is why OKLIG is dedicated to the foundational principles that gave birth to our form of government. Throughout the world and the pages of history, governments have been set up with a top-down approach, with rights granted to individuals by an earthly monarch or small ruling class. But in America we recognized that our rights come from God. Some would call this Natural Law. From these and other principles we established a government “by consent” of the People.

Today our most precious rights are in jeopardy. They are attacked from many fronts. We see this in one of the most fundamental parts of our democratic, or participatory government – voting. Suffrage movements of the 20th Century led to greater representation by means of inclusion. Previously excluded portions of the population gained the right and privilege to vote. But now a new problem occurs when people who have the right to vote don’t exercise it. Some choose not to do this for their own reasons, but increasingly people are feeling disenfranchised no matter how they vote. They feel that their vote may not even count.

This is a dangerous place for the bedrock of this constitutional Republic, because every level of government relies on the public trust to uphold it.

At the same time many are losing confidence in the electoral system, whether it be due to reports of phantom voters, votes in excess of the population in select areas, or more, citizens are also feeling the hostility of governmental entities when they speak up to the issues. Complaints are ignored and not given the due process they deserve. City councils and commissions talk down to residents who voice concerns. School boards shut down their meetings and walk out when parents demand a level of treatment of their children.

These are some of the key reasons why OKLIG was formed and speak to our mission. Restoring integrity starts with ensuring free and fair elections, but it also extends to members of the public, who must participate and feel empowered to make a difference. We can regain our precious liberties, and we can keep government accountable if we work together. We must return to foundational principles that led to such growth and prosperity for this country.

You can join the movement. In the coming days there will be helpful information added to help as we navigate the legislative session and future elections. Visit this site for updates, and join us on our social media channels. Telegram channel. Telegram chat. Facebook page. Instagram.